X-Com Enemy Unknown Remake/Re-imagining

RPS has gotten their hands on some serious gameplay footage for Firaxis’ X-Com remake. I own all the x-com games but haven’t really put much time into playing them. However the remake looks amazing and I’m looking forward to it.

This is the second x-com game in the works, the first being 2k games “prequel” to the older games. It has been seeing quite a bit of negative responses. With the first footage I saw from E3 videos initially I was looking forward to it, but as more footage was released it looked worse and worse. It lacks the iconic enemies and is chest-high-walltastic.

Firaxis’ X-com however seems to contain all those lovely aliens you’re familiar with from the originals, a new cover system, and what looks like a kill cam system. I can’t wait to shit my pants at the first sight of a Chryssalid.

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One response to “X-Com Enemy Unknown Remake/Re-imagining”

  1. Heeroshin says :

    Holy crap, X-CON out of left field

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